Website Audit Results

Website Content Audit

Is it clear what service/product your business provides or problem it solves?

Is there a clear and/or visible call to action on the Main Page and all other pages?

Does the content put you/your business in the front seat or the customer/client?

Consider the ratio of I’s/Me’s/We’s to You’s.

Does the content serve a purpose for the viewer? Does it offer anything to their story?

How would you rate the overall readability of the content on a scale of 1-5

(1 Being Unreadable)

ReadableUnreadableSlightly Difficult To ReadNeutralReadableEasy To ReadReadability

How would you rate the layout/design of the page in regards to usability?

Scale of 1-5 (1 lowest)

UsableImmpossibleDifficult To UseNeutralUsableVery Easy To UseReadability

Additional Notes

Although it is clear that you are an organizing specialist, I would suggest making it more clear on what it is you do for the customer. Are you teaching them how to organize or are you doing it for them. Put yourself in the consumer's shoes.... what would you need to hear/read in order for it to relate to you and solve a problem.


I suggest a strong, clear, and visible call to action in the top portion of your website that remains visible on every page, as well as smaller calls to action throughout each page.


The content on the front page of your site should be about the customer and what problems you will help them solve... always remember the customer is the hero and the main character of the story, and you are the guide!


Although your content serves an overall purpose by introducing you and your reasoning for creating your business, we should focus on how we can make the content valuable to them.




Website Functionality Audit

Is Navigation of Site Easy & Visible?

Is Website Mobile Friendly?

How Many Pages Overall?

Navigation Outline

The website is navigable. Simple flow. Let's make sure we change the hover color on your menu, though :) Also, link logo in header to Home Page.


Also, let's make sure we get the packages buttons linked to well optimized lead capture pages!


Remove second set of Social Links.

Number of Forms

Number of Videos

Number of Images

Number of Outbound Links

Number of Inbound Links

On Each Page Check that all of the following are functioning.
Website SEO Audit

Does this page have a clear targeted keyword?

If so, What Is It?

If Not, What Should It Be?

Does the content of this page contribute to the targeted keyword?

Does the On Page Structure of this page contribute to the targeted keyword?

Use The Checklist Below To Determine.

On Page Structure List
Home Page
Page 4
Page 2
Page 5
Page 3
Page 6

Suggestions & Comments

Think more locally when it comes to your SEO, currently targeting United States instead of local areas like New Kent.


Make sure every page has a purpose and is optimized for that purpose.


Create content that can be optimized for the services you will provide.


We will go over other ideas as we progress through our meetings! :)

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