Foundations of a 

Brand & Marketing Strategy


A Consistent & Recognizable Brand

Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition in your industry, and should remain consistent and recognizable to your audience.

Your brand should convey the emotion and feeling you want someone to experience when they interact with any aspect of your business.


Your Brand is conveyed through multiple facets:

Your Logo & All Visual Elements of Your Business

Your Website

Your Employees

Your Social Media Presence

Your Product or Service

Your Customer Interactions (Online & In Person)

Your Customers' Experiences & Testimonials

How Your Brand Relates To Your Marketing Strategy

Every piece of content that is produced for your marketing strategy contributes to your overall brand. Therefore, every bit of content you create should have the same amount of importance and thought as your business's brand and overall mission.

The type of content I'm referring to is below:

Email Marketing

Social Media Posts

Print Advertisements

Online Advertising

Merchandise & Packaging

Visual Elements & Graphic Design


Website Design & Functionality

Blog Posts

Event Planning

Public Relations

The Evaluation of

Organized Solutions by Christy


What's Working Currently

The focus of your marketing is on the right outlets for your immediate goals. Facebook & SEO are definitely where you want to be in order to target the local market.

What Can Be Improved

Utilizing more of the Facebook Advertising to target an ideal audience of people who are currently in the market or interested in using Home Organization Services. i.e. people who have looked for organizing solutions, containers, who like certain pages that pertain to organizing, new movers, etc. We also could adjust your Search Engine Optimization strategy in order to show up for people in your area looking for home organization services and solutions.

Here's How It Can Be Done...

The Strategy Components


Facebook Video • Facebook Ads • Facebook Audiences • Search Engine Optimization • Blogging/Content Creation for SEO

Here Is Exactly How Your Investment Will Go To Work For You To Accomplish The Strategy We Outlined.

Website (& Facebook) Audit - (normally $150) FREE with the purchase of sessions below.

What's Included: Google Analytics Walkthrough (& Setup if needed), Research Search Engine Rankings, Research Links, Analysis of SEO Components on site, Analyze Copy, Analyze Keywords, Analyze Call To Actions, Analyze Site Navigation, Test All Links, Strengths & Weaknesses Report of Site, Opportunities Report of Site

Facebook Marketing Strategy Sessions - $75/1.5 Hour Session

What's Included: You and I will dive in to your Facebook Page (using the audit) to determine what works for your ideal target audience. We will determine the type of content that brings about the most engagement for your page, and we will determine your target audience for advertising purposes. I will walk you step by step through the Ad Creation process in each session, and then have a follow up call after the Ad to determine what worked and what didn't and how you can tweak it.

SEO Strategy Session - $75/ 1.5 Hour Session

What's Included: You and I will go over your current website using the Audit. We will decide what keywords work best for your target audience and immediate goals, and then implement them in your On-Page SEO. I will go over terminology and strategy in each session, so you can carry out the methods for yourself in the future.



Any time I find an opportunity, I will promote your business through Press Releases, and Free Publications. I will seek out promoting opportunities for your business constantly.


I will always share your content to my network, and those outside of my network, and be a constant ambassador of your business :)



$150/ 3 Hour Session

So Where Do We Start?!

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