What Should I Post on Facebook?

Figuring out what to post on Facebook doesn't have to be difficult.

Brands & Businesses know the importance of staying relevant and keeping up appearances with consistent Social Media Posting, but a lot of times they find themselves with serious "writer's block" constantly at a lost for content to post that brings engagement or results, and when they do finally come up with something to post, they rely on "Boosting" in order to get likes, but still find the posts falling flat instead of achieving their real purpose.

Why you aren't reaching the audience you want.

Facebook's Algorithm's priority is providing users with content that will spark a "meaningful interaction".This means business & brand pages have to get more creative with their posts to make them more engaging while also focusing on what their purpose or goal of the post truly is. "The End Game"

So, What should you be posting on Facebook to get results?

Here are some considerations for your next Facebook Post.

1. What do you want your post to accomplish?

Website or Blog Traffic

Visitors to your website, your blog post, your Youtube Channel, etc. that results in Engagement with your site's content that with hopefully result in return visitors or potential purchasers/subscribers

Post Engagement

Post engagement comes in many different forms:

  • The Basic Post Engagements: Shares, Comments, Likes, Tags

  • Watches, as in, engagement with a video/watching a video

  • Feedback, this can come in the form of comments, votes and shares, as well.

  • Reactions, this comes in the form of likes, and is used more now that Facebook offers different emojis to characterize specific emotions/reactions

  • RSVPs, comes into play with Event Announcements.

  • Reads (hover), this one is harder to track, but typically results in one of the other engagements above.

Page Followers/Likes

  • Engagement with your Brand or Business's Page either in the form of visits, followers or likes.

  • This type of goal with help reach more people with your future posts

Lead Generation or Purchase

  • This goal can be more difficult to achieve, and usually needs to have more "engagement posts" leading up to it to gain credibility/trust.

  • Success in this goal comes in the form of an individual filling out their information or providing payment info.

  • Small success in this goal would be for the individual to at least begin engaging with your offer or product.

2. What type of action do you need from your audience to achieve your goal? (here are some examples of actions to take place)

  • A Link Click

  • An Opinion or Statement

  • Share with followers

  • Click to Message You

  • Click to Call You

  • Etc.

3. What type of post will help you achieve your goal?

  • A Text Post - List Post, Note Post, Text Status

  • An Image Post - A graphic you create, an infographic, a Panorama, or a photo

  • A Video Post - A Live Video, Premiere, 360 AR, commercial, etc.

  • A Link Post - Link to Blog post, website, Youtube Channel, an external article, A Product, or an Affiliate Link

  • Feedback Posts - Polls, Q&As

  • An Offer Post - Works like a coupon for a discount or deal on a product or service

4. What elements should your post have in order to spark the required action?*Consider Your Audience* Consider the type of audience you are trying to reach when deciding how you should present your post.

The Right Emotion

Is there a certain emotion that will help to have your audience engage the way you would like for them to? Humor is a very effective way to get engagement in a post, but other types of emotion that can spark an action include: Inspiration, Motivation, Sympathy, Mutualism or Understanding, Happiness, etc.


Are there certain words or phrases that your audience recognize with?

Example: In the food industry, people may engage more with adjectives describing flavors or phrases regarding pairings or cooking methods.

Example: In the HVAC industry, people engage more with phrases that reach them on a sensation level, as they associate this business with feeling of extreme temperatures or feeling of comfort.

Are there certain words or phrases that will strike a chord emotionally to achieve the effect you want from your post?

If you are going for humor, there may be a phrase that describes an entertaining and comedic side of your industry.

Pertinent Information

Example: Time, Date & Location of an event taking placeExample: Pricing Information

Visual Elements that are easily recognizable

We see this a lot with "memes" in today's world. "Memes" being those comical images with font place over top of them. Typically, we can guess the tone or potential punchline of the "Meme" based on the image in the background.

Example: Satisfying images & videos. In the Lawn care industry, those beautiful lines cut into a front yard give a viewer a sense of satisfaction that can prompt a like, comment, or share.

Example: Infographics that help put together a process in the audiences mind can also prompt sharing among friends

Call To Actions

Again, consider your audience and consider your action you would like for them to take.Different Facebook Post Types have the ability to add "Send Message" & "Call Now" Buttons, as well as, "Get Directions

Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to have a CALL TO ACTION. Believe it or not people need to be told what they should do next. Next time you are considering what to post to Facebook, consider all of the above. Combining the right Elements & Calls to Actions with the correct post type keeps your posts effective and engaging and you should begin to notice organic results. These interactions with your post will also alert Facebook's algorithm to help it determine your posts reach.

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