What is SEO?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

SEO is an acronym for the concept of Search Engine Optimization, and its essentially the practice of increasing the amount of web traffic to your site by increasing your visibility in organic/non-paid search engine results.

The idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to create a website that is ideal in web structure to make Google’s creepy little robot spiders happy while also providing valuable and meaningful content to the real life humans out there, so that the Google gods keep sending the humans to you. Make sense?

Now, what do I mean by Organic Search Results?

When you search for a question, a product, or a service it brings up many different types of results: videos, news articles, Google Map Listings, emphasized/featured text results and basic text results. All of these are organic results meaning they are not paid results/ads. Any time you see the word AD in green letters to the left of the result, it is paid and not organic.

When I say paid, I mean that they are paying Google directly to be placed in those results not that they’ve paid someone to optimize for them.

So Why is SEO so important?

Nowadays, we have so many ways to generate traffic to our website, however Google isn’t the entity it is today because no one uses it.

Organic Results make up the majority of digital traffic on the web today, and far surpass that of even paid advertising with an average of under 3% click rate on paid advertisements over organic results. That’s huge! Well it’s a small percentage but its HUGE DATA!

Conclusion: SEO is a marketing strategy to get your business's website ranking for specific keywords on Google, Bing, and other Search Engines. It is a powerful & best of all FREE way of gaining more traffic to your site, and can free up spending while creating revenue so you can reinvest into other marketing strategies.

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