What is Email Marketing?

You may have heard the term Email Marketing before, whether in a podcast or maybe from a Marketing Company calling on you, but you may be wondering what Email Marketing actually is.

Essentially, Email Marketing is the use of Email or Email Campaigns to promote your business.

Sort of like the mailers you receive via the U.S. Postal Service, Email Marketing delivers your business's promotions or content directly to the consumer's Email Inbox.

However, when you think of those mailers that you receive or the Email Campaigns that flood your inbox daily, it may send up a SPAM Red Flag in your brain, but when Email Marketing is done correctly it has quite the opposite effect.

In fact, when done correctly, your customers will come to expect and anticipate your emails because they are seen as a valuable element of your business.

What is the Benefit of Email Marketing in Today's World?

The amount of information we consume throughout the day is overwhelming, and a lot of times not at all personalized to our interests or habits. Even Social Media, though they attempt to personalize our "Feeds", can sometimes get flooded by so many things that just feel "un-personal" to us.

However, when we do find a Page or a Website we enjoy, we would like to hear from them more, so we "follow" them.

In a way, this is how Email Marketing can also work for your business.

If a customer decides to sign up for your email list, then its their way of saying "I like what I'm hearing", so therefor you do not want to disappoint!

In the world of Email Marketing, this is your opportunity to provide them with more value on a personal level. Using their name and providing them with content that interests them will continue to build their trust all the way to a possible sale or use of your services.

Email Marketing can be a very effective marketing tactic for your business, and it can also be an effective follow up for customers who have chosen to do business with you in the past. With Email Marketing you can even set up a sequence of Thank Yous personalized to your customers to make them feel appreciated enough that they become return/recurrent customers to your business.


Email Marketing is a form of marketing that provides your customers and potential customers with a personalized and valuable message from your business to build relationships and trust, and when done correctly can be an effective strategy for earning and maintaining their business.

Want to learn more about Email Marketing or see how we can help you set up an effective Email Marketing Strategy for your business? Click here!

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