How To Plan An Entire Year's Worth Of Content

Yes, this is actually possible, believe it or not! It takes a time commitment, as well as a mental commitment, but you can do it!

If you're new to the idea of Content Marketing, you may be wondering what I'm referring to when I say Content.

Content can come in many different forms from Blog Posts to Social Media Graphics to Email Campaigns, and more. Content can also have many different purposes, such as a Call To Action from your followers/customers or even to help you rank for a keyword in your SEO strategy.

A lot of times, business owners and influencers, may post a piece of content on a whim, and though it may have a purpose it's typically not something that was planned too far in advanced, but it is simply an idea that struck them at a particular moment, and once it's posted, they may be questioning what they will do next.

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a way to plan all of that content in advanced with the same creativity as being in the moment, and that this batch working method will always leave you knowing what will come next, so you don't have to constantly stay in the content planning mindset.

So, are you ready? Let's Get Started!

Categorize Your Content

The first step to this process is Categorization of Your Content. Doing this will allow you to really focus in on a particular topic, and allow you to get creative with your brainstorming process.

For instance, when it comes to my Content for The Messy Bun Marketer Blog, I focus on the following topics:

Social Media

Email Marketing

Content Creation


Business Tips

and, Search Engine Optimization

I also have subcategories within each of these Topics, such as in Social Media, I will also have:





Knowing the exact topics I will create content for allows me to keep an organized approach to my Content Creation and keeps me from straying off topics that relate to my overall goal & brand.


The next step to the process is the Brainstorming.

Now that you have an organized outline to your content, you can begin brainstorming for each topic and subtopic.

Grab a piece of paper, or create a Trello Board and make separate lists for each topic/subtopic.

Focus on the Topic, and research all avenues such as Pinterest, Podcasts, Blog Posts, Instagram and beyond for inspiration. Scroll and Search all the content you can on the topic for inspiration.

Under each topic, create a a section for Blog Posts, Social Posts, Email Campaign Ideas, etc.Brainstorm for each of these Content Categories. Under Blog Posts, write down your Blog Title ideas (in shorthand)Under Social Posts, write down your ideas for creative Instagram posts or Facebook Polls that contribute to the overall topic.

You get the idea.

Keep the brainstorming process for each topic separated. This will allow you to focus and exhaust all ideas.

Do this Brainstorming Process for a few hours a day, and continue to grow your idea lists.

Batch Create

Now that you have a direction for your content you will create, Batch It.

Dedicate a day to just writing Blog Posts.Then, Dedicate a day to just creating graphics.A day just for video creation. Etc.

Once you have a few solid pieces of content, maybe at least a week's worth, move on to the next step, but keep dedicating the days to creating.

Schedule It

Now that you are ahead on the creation process, you can begin scheduling your content with intention. Decide when your audience needs your content and put it on the calendar. Use this calendar as your basis for when you need to carry out your batchwork. You will find yourself ahead of the game sticking to this process. This is an ongoing process, and will continue to feed your business/brand. Stick with it, and you will have a whole year of content in no time!

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