Email List Building: 5 Places You Should Have Opt-In Forms For Your Email List

We can't stress enough the importance on building your Email Marketing Lists!

To be sure you are continuously filling your list, you should have Subscriber Opt-In Forms in the following areas.

1. The Footer of your site

Having a subscriber form in the footer of your website ensures that it is on every page of your site.

2. In a Pop Up

Yes, Pop Up is a word that has gotten a bad rap in past years, however in today's world they are everywhere and have become more commonplace on the sites we visit daily. So be sure to have one set up on your site either with a delay timer or a code that tells it to launch when a customer moves there mouse to a point off the page (on exit). This will give them one last opportunity to sign up to receive updates from you.

3. In your Freebie

If your website visitor is enjoying your content enough, they may be interested in an offer for further education, such as, a guide, a template, a worksheet or e-book.

Use their interest in this offer as a way to gather information. Offer the Freebie in exchange for their email address. If they have enjoyed your content as much as you would like them to, then this is even more of a bonus for them to receive updates from you as you create more content.

4. On Your Social Media Platforms

Use your Social Media Profiles to collect Opt-Ins, as well.

For Example, On Facebook you can create a custom tab for your business page to place an opt-in, and you can also create a custom button under your cover photo for a Sign Up form.

5. At the end of every Blog Post

Every Blog Post you write should include a Call To Action and Opt In form at the bottom. This way you have the opportunity to capture a captive readers info in exchange for Blog Post Updates!

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