Pink Alpacas Eating Avocados 

What do Pink Alpacas Eating Avocados have to do with SEO?


Absolutely nothing, but it's a fun image don't you think?

Pink Alpacas Eating Avocados is meant to show startsmall. THINKBIG! Marketing's clients how SEO works with a crazy combination of words that rarely gets searched.

If you happened to come across this page on Google Search by accident, then you are the rare person that Googled this with out first being directed to do so.

This page is only an example to those in our SEO Beginner's Course to show them the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

I imagine that Pink Alpacas do actually like eating avocados, or at least in my imagination I do. 

Please enjoy this picture in the meantime of two Pink Alpacas munching on some Avocados.

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